– Survive Today –

– Prepare for Tomorrow –

– Have Fun –

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Survive Today – Prepare for Tomorrow – Have Fun

What does “survive today – prepare for tomorrow – have fun” mean? This is simply the best order that I have found for prioritizing budgets and spending money.

Priority #1: Survive Today
Priority #2: Prepare for Tomorrow
Priority #3: Have Fun

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Budget Coaching

A budget coach is someone who helps individuals reach financial goals and teaches money management skills such as paying down debt or saving for large purchases. We will discuss your goals, progress, areas that you struggle with, and how to continue forward.

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Budget Types: The Zero-Based Budget

Did you know that there are multiple types of budgets? Read this post to learn what zero-based budgeting is, how to use zero-based budgeting, and whether or not zero-based budgeting would be a good fit for you.

Money Saving Tips

I came across this article the other day that promised 16 ways to save money this year, so of course I was interested! I got to reading it and I found that a lot of the ways this article listed to save money were too specific and really didn’t apply to a lot of people. I willContinue reading “Money Saving Tips”

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